Hulu Queue Management Design Problems

I have Hulu on Apple TV and Roku devices, and I really struggle to understand why each experience is so uniquely flawed. I think the developers are so focused on surfacing their content in immersive ways that they haven’t actually asked anyone that uses it in the real world for their experiences. So, here is my feedback (Hulu dev team, hope you are listening).

For those not familiar with Hulu concepts, the basics are this. Hulu’s special niche is their availability of current season TV shows from most major networks. Often, the number of episodes is limited to the most recent five or so. Hulu has a queue, which you can add to, to keep track of shows you want to watch. They also have a favorites feature that has the handy behavior of automatically adding new episodes of a show to your queue.

The queue management features sound good. But here are the issues…

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