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I buy domains from time-to-time for potential resale value. The total annual cost is the most important factor when choosing a domain registration company. I usually use 1&1, but I’ve had a tricky, on-going customer service issue with them recently, which has given me cause to evaluate other options. The chart below summarizes recent findings for .com prices. I only considered well-known companies. I included the private registration option because I like to have this feature included on domain purchases.

First Year
Special Pricing
1&1 (pricing) $10.99 $3.99 Free
Namecheap (pricing) $10.87 No Free
Name (pricing) $10.99 $9.99 +$3.99/year
GoDaddy (pricing) $13.17 $7.99 +$9.99/year
Network Solutions $34.99 No +$9.99/year $38.00 No Free

From a value perspective, 1&1 remains the top-choice, with Namecheap a close second. Since I’ve had some issues with 1&1 and their domain management tools are not great, I’ll be giving Namecheap a try.

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